Avery’s albino genetics


The Avery’s Albino strain\’s fruiting body is completely white in appearance. Despite the color, its potency is not nearly as high as other albino strains such as Albino Penis Envy; making it perfect for beginner magic mushroom users who are looking for something special. User has reported that this strain offers a very creative and philosophical psychedelic experience with moderate visual alterations. Its other effects include euphoria, elevation in mood, and warm sensation felt throughout the body.

The Avery’s Albino strain was allegedly created by Shroomery user “Albinous White” by cloning a Cambodian albino mutation over multiple generations until the new genetics were stable. Supposedly, he named it after his daughter, Avery. Although there are multiple theories regarding the origin of the strain, it seems more likely that it’s an albino variation of the Cambodian strain because it shares more growth characteristics and looks uncannily similar.

Product Include:

  • 10ml of liquid culture
  • 1 x 14 gauge aluminum cast needle
  • 1 x alcohol wipe

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