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The original genetics of the Aztec God strain of P. Cubensis were rumored to be first discovered near the ruins of Teotihuacan, an ancient Aztec religious site. In ancient Aztec culture, P. Cubensis among various other species of mushrooms is called “Teonanácatl”, which literally translates to “god mushroom”, hence where its name comes from (Carod-Artal, 2015). These mushrooms were often used in religious ceremonies in ancient Aztec culture, in which the Aztecs would drink chocolate and consume Teonanácatl with honey to communicate with gods. Compared to other strains of P. Cubensis, the Aztec god has an average potency. Users have reported that the Aztec god offers moderate visual alterations, euphoria, and high levels of bodily relaxation. 

Potency: ★★

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