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The origin of the B+ strain remains largely a mystery. Legend has it that this strain of P. Cubensis was first discovered during the 1980s by a mysterious Mr.G. It has been hypothesized that B+ is not a purebred of P. Cubensis but a hybrid between P. Cubensis and P. Aztecorum, however, like most Psilocybe mushroom strains out there, there’s not enough factual evidence to support its origin story or genetic composition. The B+ strain has a reputation for being very visual and spiritual, and users often experience “warm” feelings in their bodies. Compared to other strains of P. Cubensis, there have been fewer cases of side effects reported with B+, which makes it popular among inexperienced psilocybin mushroom users.


NOTE: Please activate your kit AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE IT. Delaying activation significantly increases the probability of contamination.

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