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The Blue Meanie strain is one, if not the most potent P. Cubensis variants available. The strain got its name from its vivid blue bruising, which appears when the fruiting body is touched, indicating high psilocybin potency. Studies have repeatedly shown that the Blue Meanie strain’s level of psilocybin and psilocin is significantly above average (1.5%), often double the normal psilocybin content (0.6%-0.8%). Users have reported that upon consumption, the effect of this strain includes: euphoria, synesthesia, energy, warm sensation felt throughout the body, feelings of connectedness to their surrounding environment, intense visual contrast enhancement, and visual alteration. Due to its high psilocybin content, this strain is not recommended for first-time magic mushroom users, and it is suggested to be taken in small doses.

Potency: ★★★

NOTE: Please activate your kit AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE IT. Delaying activation significantly increases the probability of contamination.

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